Solo Math Ads Service Platform

A global advertising service platform based on artificial intelligence

Solo Math is a global advertising service platform developed by Newborn town based on AI, which has worked with thousands of advertisers and media developers around the world. Driven by the Solo Aware artificial intelligence engine, Solo Math has performed excellent in digital marketing with multiprocessing, auto optimization algorithm and accurate targeting . and has created the SRTB / SAX / SFP.

• Solo Math RTB (SRTB) Solo Real-time Bidding 

Manages products’ user acquisition and customer product direct investment services, and also, programmatic purchases of high quality media traffic. Based on the Solo Aware DMP engine, there is a classification of exclusive and active users who have remained for a long time. At the same time, a Look-Alike extension for the existing users is applied. There is a device learning through static and dynamic tags, and also a launch learning through combination of certain conditions such as equipment, position, frequency and time to match the follow-up promotion effect, and input optimization is made for indicators such as motivation, events and bounce rates.

• Solo Math ADX (SAX) Solo AD Exchange

Serves direct advertisers and DSP, support full standard OpenRTB, PMP, PDB programmatic form of purchase.

Integrates a huge number of users’ master data and transactions data, and conducts machine learning and user dynamic label correction for AD requests through data cleaning, data management and data mining.

• Solo Math for publisher (SFP) direct media aggregation platform.

Aggregates and serves direct developers and SSP direct traffic, Efficiently integrates and reaches terminal users.

The big data budget distribution model is established and carries out an intelligent distribution of the budgets of different categories of advertisers according to the competitive intensity and traffic quality. There is a second identification and classification of advertisement requests. There is a high price selling of high-quality users and equipment, and a standard pricing for common users to ensure the best and balanced overall benefits.



Solo Aware engine driver

Huge amount of data collection, accurate audience orientation, multi-dimensional data perspective, and also refined analysis and management

Detailed real-time data report analysis: There is a control according to the advertisement type, material, equipment brand version, geographical location, online time, user attributes, business interests, fill-in rate, click rate, budget consumption and other advertising process indicators. Understand instantly and optimize the detailed data obtained and impact performance, using intelligence to facilitate the advertising marketing.