Newborntown is a "global AI service provider” that relies on the independently developed SoloAware AI engine. It offers a better content experience for global users.

From 2013, Newborntown began to build the SoloAware AI engine. After five years working on it, Newborntown has made several breakthroughs and obtained many patents in the field of AI. Its main research directions are focused on information identification, automatic planning, intelligent search, AI games, etc., and its main application directions are mobile content optimization, precision mobile marketing, intelligent content in e-commerce, etc. With the SoloAware AI engine, Newborntown has released a series of mobile apps for users worldwide, explicitly the SoloX product matrix. SoloX covers almost all categories of mobile products, such as personalized mobile phones, security, anti-virus, music, entertainment, fitness, beauty, photography, leisure games, etc. Recognized products include: SoloLauncher, SoloLocker, FreeMusic Plus, AbsWorkout, WordsUp, PixelArtwork, etc. In addition, the company also has a deep outline in the field of mobile marketing. Combined with AI marketing, the company has launched the SoloMath advertising service platform. Currently, it has provided service to thousands of advertisers and media developers around the world, with more than 500 million daily advertisement clicks per day. In 2017, Newborntown launched the platform of SoloMath RTB on the basis of SoloMath, and officially entered the field of programmatic purchase, and continued to make rigorous efforts in the fields of precision marketing and real-time matching.

In 2017, the company expanded its business territory further, established the brand of SoloBuy, and formally entered the field of content e-commerce. With the support of the core engine of SoloAware, it produced tens of thousands of high-quality e-commerce texts every day, and accurately reached the target population with the largest shopping purpose.

SoloAware  -  AI engine

Solo Aware is an AI engine independently developed by Newborntown. In five years,, Newborntown has made a number of breakthroughs and has obtained a number of patents in the field of AI. The main research direction is information identification, automatic planning, intelligent search, AI games, etc. The main application direction is mobile content optimization, precision mobile marketing, intelligent content in e-commerce, etc.

SoloX  -  Product matrix

Solo X is a series of AI-based mobile APP product matrix developed by Newborntown, with more than 600 million global users. -Product Category: phone personalization, security, antivirus, music, entertainment, fitness, beauty, photography, leisure games, etc. -Product Representatives: Solo Launcher, Solo Locker, Free Music Plus, Abs Workout, Words Up, Pixel Artwork, etc.

SoloMath  -  Advertising service platform

SoloMath is a global advertising service platform developed by Newborn town based on AI, which has worked with thousands of advertisers and media developers around the world. Driven by the Solo Aware artificial intelligence engine, SoloMath has performed excellent in digital marketing with multiprocessing, auto optimization algorithm and accurate targeting .and has created the

• SRTB (Solo Math RTB) Solo Real-time Bidding ,

• SAX (SoloMath ADX) Solo ADexchange ,

• SFP (SoloMath for publisher ) direct media aggregation platform.

SoloBuy  -  E-Commerce Content

SoloBuy is the AI-based e-commerce content wing of Newborntown. It builds an e-commerce content system with AI technology as the core on the basis of the e-commerce content platform "youdianneirong". At present, it produces tens of thousands of premium content daily.


Company Timeline





A new beginning

  • Sept
    NewBornTown is established.

Perfect Android Launcher!

  • May
    Solo Launcher published.

Very first investments

  •  Finished A round funding with funding in the (RMB) millions, SOLO users exceed 50 million.
  •  Finished its angel round of funding with USD 2 million from Shichun Wu and Mingming Huang.

Got our 1st Awards

  •  Awarded the honor of Top Developer and the Best App of 2015 on Google Play.
  •  Newborn-Town technology hold a speech together with Korean Top Android App company OGQ in Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. Also, Newborn-Town team were invited by Yahoo and Facebook as Top Global Partner.
  •  SOLO users exceeds 200 million, and in a number countries the app was ranked first in the Personalization category on Google Play.
  •  Leading up President Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S., NewbornTown was the only mobile internet company interviewed by the CCTV.
  •  Finish C round financing of several hundred million RMB.
  •  NewbornTown participated in a roundtable discussion at the Yahoo! Mobile Developer Conference in New York City, and shared its experience at the China – Indonesia Mobile Games Convention in Jakarta.
  •  Israeli Ambassador visited NewbornTown.
  •  Attended Google’s 2015 IO Developers Conference.
  •  At Apps World 2015 NewbornTown spoke at Stanford University, and established a partnership with Alibaba to develop a contextually aware launcher.
  •  SOLO users exceeded 100 million. Finished B round funding with RMB 200 million from Haitong Kaiyuan. Established its North American office in Draper University’s Hero City, in San Mateo, California.
  •  In Nanjing, China, NewbornTown opens its design center with funding from the city government.

A Very Successful Year

  •  Chunhe Liu selected as “Elite Business Leader of the Year 2016” by The Economic Observer
  •  SoloX users exceeded 600 million
  •  Chunhe Liu awarded as Yearly Start-up Entrepreneur of China: 2016 by Beijing News
  •  Chunhe Liu, CEO of Newborntown was awarded as An Elite Entrepreneur Younger than 35 by The Founder magazine.
  •  Solo users exceeds 500 million.
  •  reported by the People’s Daily, the most influential newspaper in China.
  •  Awarded as Most Promising Globalization Platform by GMIC together with UCWeb.
  •  Awarded as ZhongGuanCun Star Venture Company.
  •  Solo users exceeded 400 million.
  •  Awarded as 2015 Best Overseas Development Company by ChinaBang.

Still awesome!


  • August
    Joins the “Looking for Chinese Creators” to hold the first Overseas Industry Summit and announces the second phase of the huge overseas fund
  • July
    COO Li Ping ranks in Forbes “30 under 30” list
  • May
    Wins “The Best Overseas Platform” award of GMIC and “The Most Growing Enterprise” in Beijing
  • Li Ping receives the title of “Zhongguancun U30 Entrepreneurs”, annual award for being the number one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World Before 30-year-old”
  •  Chunhe Liu recognized as “Top 10 Influential Leaders of the Year” by Baijingapps
  •  Awarded as “Top 10 Developer Companies Going Global” by Baijingapps

Strategy is fully upgraded!

  • Newborn town’s strategy is fully upgraded
  •  COO Li Ping ranks in Forbes “30 under 30” Asia list
  • Febr
    CEO Liu Chunhe, as China's global influence representative, accepts the Japanese NHK TV interview.
So Far


Finance & Investments


Angel series


Newborntown receives $2 million of angel investment from Plum Venture and FutureCap

Series A


Newborntown obtains the series-A financing of millions of RMB from Amphora Capital

Series B


Newborntown obtains 200 million Yuan in series B financing from Haitong

Series C


Newborn town finishes series C financing of millions of RMB

Series D


Newborn town finishes several millions RMB in series D of financing


Awards & Distinctions



Product Awards

  • Google Play Awards “Best Global App”

Team Awards

  • Google Play Awards “Top Developers”
  • China Forbes “30 under 30” list
  • “Zhongguancun Entrepreneur Stars”
  • The Economic Observer “2016 Business Person of the Year” Award
  • “Elite Entrepreneurs Younger than 35”
  • “Annual Top 10 Influential Leaders of the Year Award”
  • “Zhongguancun U30 Entrepreneurs”

Enterprise Awards

  • Beijing's "Most Growing Enterprise Award"
  • GMIC’s “Best Going Global Platform”, “The Best Overseas Platform”
  • ChinaBang’s “Best Overseas Development Company”
  • “2017 Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies”
  • Beijing News’s Looking for Chinese Creators “2016 Start-up Entrepreneur of China”
  • BaijingApps “Top 10 Influential Overseas Apps of the Year”
  • 2017 top ten innovative enterprises of China · One Belt And One Road Industry" award